Be Careful With Home-Improvement Leads – Finding Reliable Contractors

I’ve got more stories that I could tell you about home improvement leads, than I have fingers and toes to count them on. Anything from the most wonderful contractor in the world, to the worst home remodeling nightmares of the century. I’ve heard them all and I’m here to tell you about the pitfalls, from using home-improvement leads.

Nobody really cares about the good home-improvement stories, so I’m going to skip the wonderful contractor who remodeled the bathroom for $100 and did a fantastic job. The contractor also became friends with the family and now maintains their front and backyard for free. I’m going to skip that story and get right to the problems.

I don’t know how many times I either worked with a homeowner, for a homeowner or heard a story about a homeowner who found a contractor from one of their friends. Some home improvement leads aren’t going to work out like you envision them to. The pictures that you have in your mind, might not be what you end up with, after the job is completed.

Any homeowners who received a recommendation for a contractor, needs to check them out. Don’t assume that your friend already has. Check your contractor to make sure that they’re licensed, bonded and insured, if your state requires this. If they have any employees, make sure that they have the required insurance and that the workers aren’t working here illegally.

Just because you’ve got a recommendation, doesn’t mean that you found an honest, dependable or reliable contractor. The recommendation is just a foot in the door for the contractor. It’s time for you to start doing some serious research. I don’t know how many homeowners, hire someone who is recommended to them and never even checks to see if they’re licensed.

Don’t get caught in this trap. Simply by checking their license, you could eliminate almost half of your potential problems.

Home Improvement Marketing Companies That Can Increase Your Revenue

As a home improvement business, you might find it difficult to expand outside your local market and reach the number of customers that you are capable of serving. Newspapers, magazines, placing flyers, road signs, and other local ads is a great way to expand your reach, but it generally isn’t enough.

There have been many home improvement businesses that simply weren’t able to adapt and stay afloat financially. If you’re looking to increase your revenue, you have to seek out home improvement marketing companies and explore the online options that are available to you. The majority of people now use their cell phone, tablet or laptop to look for local businesses, and this applies to the home improvement industry as well. Whether you’re a small business, retail store, or local service provider, there’s an opportunity for you to expand your reach and increase revenue through internet marketing. Below, you will find reasons why home improvement marketing companies are so important to your success in the industry.

Search engine optimization for your website

Home improvement marketing companies will commonly provide search engine optimization services for your website. If you don’t have a website yet, they may even include web development services for a reduced cost, knowing you have an interest in optimizing the site thereafter. Search engine optimization is a great investment and it’s something that can’t be overlooked even as a small business owner in a local environment. SEO allows you to expand online and get ranked on search engines for keywords that are directly related to your home improvement services. For instance, as a Seattle based business, you could rank on Google for a term like “Seattle home improvement.” Large cities often have keywords like this that are searched thousands of times per month. Just imagine the income potential having thousands of extra eyes on your website every month. Better yet, these are targeted visitors that previously searched on Google to find the exact services you offer, making each visitor a very legitimate lead opportunity. Search engine optimization can help your business dominate the local market and center yourself as an authority in the area.

Complete web development solutions

SEO services can only be effective when you already have a great website to drive these visitors to. Home improvement marketing companies will be able to build you a professional website that makes your visitors feel at ease and comfortable with hiring you. The site should also be search engine optimized and the keywords that are related to your business and its location should be incorporated into the content of each page on the website. This helps search engines recognize what your website is about and understand which phrases the site should be ranked for. It also means that content writing plays a significant role when building a website. The more pages of high quality content your site has, the better its chances of ranking on search engines like Google.

Lead generation

Some home improvement marketing companies will provide lead generation services. This is a unique service that is exclusive to the more popular industries. Essentially, it means that you’ll be provided with leads in the home improvement industry that could potentially convert to a sale. These are leads that the business selling them to you probably got through their own website, by driving traffic through search engine optimization. Unfortunately, that means you’ll pay a high price for the leads since it takes an investment from the business just to provide them. However, if you’d like a simple way to get in touch with potential clients, lead generation services can help.